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Sit down with a view of the Pacific ocean and read a book by Henry Miller: You may create a memory for life.



Buying from us supports our mission to educate and inform about Henry Miller, Emil White and Big Sur. The books you buy from us will have our beautiful stamp and embosser. Shipping & Handling within the US and Canada: $4 for the first book plus $2.00 for each additional book.

The list below includes our sincere recommendations. We made them in the hope and belief that by reading all or some of them you will have a better, more meaningful experience when you come for a visit.

For 10 months during the pandemic, the HML hosted a virtual poetry series “Lines Online” that brought together audiences with a group of 38 great poets from around the country. We have now created a collection from the series.

Why aren’t there more houses, billboards, hotels, lights on at night, walkways down to the beaches, parking lots, traffic lights, bathrooms, interpretive signs, ? This is the best book on the history of Big Sur, its land use and challenges.


Focus on Miller’s years living here in Big Sur during which he wrote his most important books, married and divorced twice, raised 2 children, painted watercolors, and tried to live out an aesthetic and personal credo of self-realization.

Each year millions of people come down coast to visit Big Sur. This book is both a natural history of this amazing region and an excellent guide to its extensive public lands. Big Sur is world famous for awe-inspiring scenery.


In this volume, essential poems selected from a controversial poet’s major works provide an excellent overview of his style and introduce to his inimitable voice, while also gathering in one place some of his best work.