Your Monday Morning Light Philosophical Fare (MMLPF): Henry Miller on the “meaning of life!!”

A fun game is “If you could ask God any question, what would it be?”

For me, #1 is “How is Barry Gibb so prolific?”

barryOf course, that is unanswerable; so a follow-up would be, “How do I get into heaven?”  

But that was already answered in Matthew 19:21:  sell all your belongs to the poor.

Similarly, if you could ask Henry Miller any question, what would it be?

How about “What is the meaning of life?”

Well, fortunately for all of us, someone already asked him that: himself!

That’s right, in his famous Sept. 17, 1918 “memo to self” (foreshadowing the now-ubiquitous “note to self” by a good half-century) the 27-year old (coincidence?) Miller waxes and wanes philosophically on the meaning of life.

Here is the actual note (text afterwards)


“What are we here for if not to enjoy life eternal, solve what problems we can, give light, peace and joy to our fellow-man, and leave this dear fucked-up planet a little healtheir than when we were born.  

Who knows what other planets we will be visiting and what new wonders there will unfold?

We certainly live more than once.  Do we ever die – that is the question.

In any case, thank God we are alive and of the starts – unto all eternity.


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