Two wonderful Big Sur-related books now in stock: get them from our online store while you can (and before we revert back to our Utopian anti-capitalistic ways)

We know what you’re all thinking.

In the wake of Sunday’s smashingly successful (and, IMO, stunningly brilliant) blog on Surrealism (it got 17 “Likes!!!”) you’re thinking, “Wow, the Library’s rapacious capitalist bloodlust has graciously ebbed – they’re publishing only ‘non-commercial’ blogs as of late!  (“Non-commercial” blogs are blogs in which we have no commercial interest whatsoever.)

LOL – not so fast (NSF.)

As my grandma used to say, “No one ever paid the rent with Surrealism.”

In other words, we gotta pay the rent.  So buttress your moral compass for a – wait for it – commercial blog.

recpies for living in big sur[deep breath]

OK, the commercial blog is starting now.

Here it goes.

The other day I had the pleasure of loading out of the back of a green Volvo a box of two wonderful, you-can-only-really-find-them-in Big Sur books: “Recipes for Living in Big Sur” and “Big Sur Women.”

Why not consider buying one or both?  Let us explain.

“Recipes for Living in Big Sur”


“Recipes,” contains, you guessed it, earthy, homespun, healthy meals prepared by us pioneering folk and our forefathersbswomen.

For example, here’s a tasty recipe called the “The Ventana Condor’s Gastric Bypass Delight”:

* Taylor Ham (cooked well-done) cooked in canola oil with…
* Two scrambled eggs and a…
* Slice of plastic-wrapped cheese on a hard roll with…
* Salt, pepper, and ketchup

Whoops!  Wrong book: that’s “Recipes for Living in South Jersey.

Seriously, it’s safe to say that “Recipes for Living in Big Sur” contains recipes that that will not help you meet your annual allowance of saturated fat in a half-a-bite.

Anyway, I’m rambling – so buy it HERE.

“Big Sur Women”


“Big Sur Women,” (buy it HERE) meanwhile, is an intimate glimpse into the lives of nineteen Big Sur women, from early pioneer days to the present.  Through diaries, photographs, poems, biographies, letters and interviews, this collection answers the question in the minds of many travelers along the wild wonderful Big Sur coast: what is it like to live here?

For example, the book contains a great excerpt in which Janis Joplin downed 13 Long Island Ice Teas at Nepenthe and hit on a bus boy.

JK y’all

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