Today is the FINAL deadline for the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children to YA – We’re not bluffing!

Seriously.  No mind games over here.  No reverse psychology.  No Freudian mumbo-jumbo.  No playing possum.  No playing hard-to-get.

Just the cold, hard facts: after last week’s benevolent extension, today is the final day to register for the Nov. 30-Dec 2nd Big Sur Writing Workshop for children to young adults (aka the “best children’s writing workshop in the world.”)

Why it’s Melissa Manlove, faculty member and children’s book editor for Chronicle Books!

Register here.

Don’t believe us that its the best children’s writing workshop o’er the land?  Still?  <sighs>


Read the testimonials here.

And check out all the folks who secured publishing deals here, including these:

  • Chris Howard came to a December workshop and met his agent, Laura Rennert and his editor, Mallory Kass from Scholastic there and his debut novel was published Fall 2012 entitled “Rootless.” (Mallory Kass will be at March 2013 workshop.)

So now is the time.  The big proverbial iron gate of admission closes with an angry thud at the end of the day.  Riots are anticipated.

So act now – register here or call us 831-667-2574!

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