NewPages magazine reviews “Ping Pong” – the literary journal of the Henry Miller Library!

As you may know, Ping Pong is the literary journal of the Henry Miller Memorial Library.  It rules.

The 2012 version is particularly exceptional; it includes a Big Sur-inspired poem by Richard Brautigan, an essay by Steve Helig, entitled “Brautigan’s Big Sur: Civil War by the Sea,” and a slew of brilliant poetry, pictures, art, and photographs from all over the world!

You can purchase yours here.

But don’t just take our word for it.  The online literary magazine NewPages just published a glowing review of Ping Pong, which you can read here. 

Here’s an excerpt, focusing on something very near and dear to my heart – the interview with Thurston Moore:

The interview in Ping•Pong is with Thurston Moore, better known for his work with the band Sonic Youth than his association with poetry. Yet as the interview shows, Moore has been deeply involved with poetry for years and is now running a publishing imprint called “Flowers of Cream.”

Released on the imprint will be “small chapbooks that are perfect-bound with silver card covers,” which are referential to Telegraph Books, a press that Victor Bockris ran with Andrew Wylie that is known for publishing Patti Smith’s Seventh Heaven. Moore notes that the type of poet he wants to publish is “very interested in the academics of writing as well as the new ideas of liberations from that academic.”

Ping•Pong sticks to its mission of publishing writers who, while they may not be influenced by Henry Miller directly, do seem to follow in the footsteps of his lineage.

Once again, read the whole review here!  And buy one too!

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