“The best-of” the Big Sur Writing Workshop testimonials on one page – e-Adderrall for your “iPod ADD” condition. Registration deadline is Feb. 20th!

We live in what my friend calls an “ipod ADD” society. That is, you’re driving around, listening to your iPod, and a song comes on, and you’re like, “eh,” and shuffle to the next one. And the next one. And the next one. And so on. You never spend more than 2 seconds on a song. Your attention span is shot. You, my friend, live in an ADD society.

Big Sur, March 2011. L-R: Jan Elfman, Mrs. Adams, Laura Rennert, Eric Adams — with Laura Rennert.

So when people get overwhelmed by the sheer quality and quantity of our Big Sur Writing Workshop testimonials – honest-to-goodness raves from previous alumni – on our site, we tend to be forgiving. It’s a lot to process. A lotta words. As we say in Big Sur, “Hate the game, not the player.” (?)

So to make things easier we’ve gone ahead and extracted key quotes from these testimonials on one page.

The goal? To get you to register for the world’s-best writing workshop for children up to YA fiction before the Feb. 20th deadline. It’s March 1-3 in Seaside, CA.

If you’re a novice with a gleam of a germ of an idea, it’s an ideal venue to watch that germ blossom (ewwww.) If you’re already published but want to take it “to the next level?” also ideal. If you wanna score a publishing deal? Ideal, ideal, ideal.

Here’s the summary of quotes. Register here today or by calling 831-667-2574.

And when you’re done reading, walk away from the computer, put down the iPod, and for god sakes, do some light gardening or something.

  • “Was it worth it? Definitely. It was fun, it was invigorating, and it’s given me a heck of a lot to think about.” – March ’12 alumni Becky Allen. Read the whole thing here.
  • “If you are considering going and you are like me (shy), all I can say is GO. The critique groups are very small (no larger than 5), so you get a lot of individual attention (I workshopped with a literary agent and an editor). – Sean Byrne; Read the whole thing here.
  • “The professional for my first and third sessions was Eric Elfman. It would have been worth the cost of the trip and the workshop just for those two sessions alone. Eric demonstrated an amazing ability to zero in on a problem.” Read the entire testimonial here.
  • “I was addicted to the Big Sur Writers Workshop put on by the Henry Miller Library and the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. I’d go every year. If I missed a year, I’d start jonesing.” Aaron Ritchey; Read the whole thing here.
  • The workshop also helped me get a better understanding of the publishing world. I came home with a world of information that helped me put the finishing touches on my first book and plenty of ideas for the next 4 books.” E. Lina Echeverria

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; more testimonials here! Register now!

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