Six Reasons Why the Upright Citizens Brigade’s “Tropic of Laugher” Comedy Night is a marvel of Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Aesthetic Continuity (and Why You Shouldn’t Miss It)

When plotting the Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge, we here at the Henry Miller Memorial Library went through great efforts to ensure aesthetic continuity.

By that we mean the following.  Look at the following events as part of the May 12-19 festival week.  Some are real.  Some aren’t.   You’ll intuitively know which are real because of – you guessed it – aesthetic continuity.

OK so guess what’s real and what isn’t.

1.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Presents: Opening Night Party and Poetry Night!

2.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Presents: Henry Miller: Libertine, Communard – an evening of talks discussing Miller’s literary legacy.

3.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bride Presents: “Tropic of 36 Chambers” – Henry Miller’s influence on the Wu Tang Clang

4.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Presents: Henry Miller and Rick Santorum – The Pathos of Sexual Liberation (post-Marxian analysis)

5.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Presents: Philip Glass, Van Dyke Parks, and special guests in a benefit for the HML

6.  Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge Presents: Is Your Hedge Fund Working for You?


The correct answers – the REAL events – are 1, 2, and 5.

The incorrect answers are 3, 4, and 6.  (Although 3 is possible; both artists are from Brooklyn.  HOLLAAAA)

Our point: we’re very selective and precise on how we construct the Bridge, all Tetris-like.  Which bring us to Saturday night’s (May 18th) masterpiece: “Tropic of Laughter,” an evening of comedy from the world renown Upright Citizens Bridge.


Ucb comedy logo.png

Already we see you nodding – the aesthetic continuity is throbbing, pulsating off the screen.

But let’s take a deeper dive, nonetheless, yes?

Here are six reasons why Miller / the HMML and the UCB are a perfect aesthetic continuity match (PACM):

1.  Both are iconoclastic in their respective field.  (For non-English majors, “iconoclastic” means “heavily susceptible to spontaneous combustion after consuming excessive quantities of dairy.”)

2.  The UCB was a springboard for famous funny lady Amy Poehlr; the Henry Miller Memorial Library, meanwhile, gave us Hippie Sven.

Also another “funny lady,” Jessica Williams, will be there!

3.  The May 18th performance will also include Comedy Central’s Jessica Williams, who is famous for reporting on funny, oftentimes fake news.  Miller, meanwhile, was an acerbic commentator on events during his time.  He could occasionally be funny too, depending on how starchy his diet was.

4.  The Upright Citizens Brigade began performing improv and sketch comedy at Kill the Poet in Chicago.  Meanwhile, Henry Miller called Chicago his “kind of town.”  Spooky!!!!  (Fun fact: I also ate two dinners in Chicago once.  The first was pot roast at a diner; the second, a huge steak about two hours later which was paid for by the company I was working for at the time.  Soooo full!)

5.  In Season 1 of UCB’s TV series, in a sketch called “Poo Stick,” Big Red Cat gets harassed by a poo stick while performing mini-movies.  The Henry Miller Memorial Library, meanwhile, gave us Hippie Sven.

6.  The UBC is really cool and funny and they’re doing this JUST FOR US [tickets here] so you should see it.  And I’d be amazed if anyone’s still reading (Lorenc – nod if you can hear me)

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