Seriously, the Big Sur Writing Workshop submission deadline is tomorrow. We’re not joking. A few spots left!

If the Big Sur Writing Workshop for children to Young Adult fiction were a parent, we’d be a bad one.  That’s because we’re compassionate by nature – to fault, actually – and hate being the enforcer, the “bad cop,” if you will.  We’d rather leave that job to your mother.  (That and the “where do babies come from” talk.)

Case in point: we already extended the deadline to submit to our March 1-3 workshop in Seaside (near Monterey) CA.  And that’s because as a loving parent, we know what’s best for you: the workshop is the best of it’s kind in the world.

Andrea Brown, president of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency

It’s co-sponsored by the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  You could get discovered by one of their agents and land a publishing deal (proof here.)  And at the least, your manuscript will be magnificently transformed and you’ll make amazing friendships and professional connections.  Proof here.

But this is life, and life is hard.  And we can no longer extend the deadline.  The workshop is right around the corner.  We have things we need to do like go to the dry cleaners, pick up your sister at soccer practice, and go “big” food shopping.  So the final-final-final deadline is February 20th.

As in TOMORROW.  There are a few spots left, so register here or call 831-667-2574.

As much as it pains us, we can’t extend it forever.

This is some classic tough love, and though you’ll curse us and wish you were never born and/or never asked to be born, much like the saxophone lessons, we sincerely believe you’ll thank us in the long-run and will come to understand once you have kids of your own (if that’s what you decide, if course.  It’s your own life; don’t let our irrepressible need for grandchildren convince you otherwise.  Although did you hear Patti Conway’s daughter Allison is having twins?)


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