Reflections on last week’s movies: on texting, Bill Gates, Simon and Garfunkel lost hits, and that which keeps us from the divine

So the movies on Thursday were awesome, yeah?

I thought so.

What was y’all’s favorite?

I must say mine was “Dotty.”  Three thoughts around that conclusion:

– The vibe.  It had an “Voices of Old People” thing going on, minus the fact that it wasn’t totally annoying and pretentious (but not as pretentious as “Silent Night.”**)

– The fact that I related with poor ol’ Dotty.  Technology is moving fast, it’s confusing, and ultimately, it’s stupid.  I empathized with Dotty as she was fumbling on that dumb handheld device.  That stuff separates us from the divine!

– The ending!  It certainly caught me by surprise!

Meanwhile, La Bifle made me LOL.

It also traumatized me and also made me ask a handful of deep questions (as good art is wont to do) including:

– “What if these people took all the effort it took to make this movie and instead, tried to, say, wean us off fossil fuels, or like Bill Gates endeavor to make sex more pleasurable?”

-“Is the world a better place because of “La Bifle?” and

-“Did I leave the oven on?”

But enough about me and my opinions.  What about you all?

In the meantime, we’ll you for this week’s screening!  Wed. at Osio Cinemas in Monterey (Tickets here; only $9.75 – it may sell out?) and Thurs. at the Library (reserve your spot here.)


* Don’t mean to be so hard on S&G.  They rule!

One Response

  1. Lloyd says:

    Movie thoughts: Dotty was my fave as well. Especially considering that the daughter had such compassion drumming up her patience to go through the process. The 91 yr old star from NZ sold preserves in her home town to pay for flight to the debut in Montreal.
    Hilarious as it was, the reflective epiphany on La Bifle this week was that penis preoccupation has, in part, caused extinction of the Western Black Rhino.