More exciting news! The Big Sur Bakery will represent at the Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge May 18-19!!

That’s right: pencil in a “Big Sur Comes to the City*” brunch on Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th.

Because from 10 am till noon, the world famous Big Sur Bakery will be providing pastries and coffee for sale at our homebase at the City Reliquary!

bigsurbakery250So, if we may elegantly tie it all together, here’s a great quote from a 2008 New York Times piece on – you guessed it – the Big Sur Bakery:

When I visited Big Sur Bakery in March, I had no idea it would be so much in the news by July. I’d heard about the bakery and restaurant through my friend Liz, who had returned from a month in the coastal California hamlet and e-mailed me about their chocolate-chip cookies in capital letters.

The visit confirmed that the cookies were uppercase material, with multiple exclamation points for the breakfast pizza, a life-changing pie of bacon, eggs and cheese that will make scallion skeptics rethink that ’70s garnish.

Read the whole thing here!

* Transient hitch-hikers not included

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