More amazing Big Sur Writing Workshop news: Faculty member Ellen Hopkins’ TILT takes the #10 spot on the New York Times Young Adult Best Sellers list!

Believe it!  As of January 4th, Ellen Hopkins’ “Tilt” was perched at #10 on the NY Times Young Adult Best Sellers list!

As you may know, besides being one of the most brilliant and successful YA writers working today, Ellen is also a faculty member for the Big Sur Writing Workshops for Children to Young Adults.

And by participating in the workshop, aspiring writers (such as yourself perhaps?) will have the opportunity to work closely with her and other industry pros on your draft, network with other amazing writers, and learn how to sell your manuscript in a hyper-competitive industry.

We’re accepting registration for the March 1-3, 2013 workshop!  Go here!

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  1. Ah, I love the Big Sur Writers Workshop. I’m teaching in Denver all the things I learned from going to Big Sur five years in a row. I miss those Halcyon days. Wait, I just looked up Halcyon. Not quite peaceful at the time, but I sure learned a lot.