Monterey County Gives! and 2012 HML donor update! A “must-read” !

Hey everybody.  Just checking in with an update on the Monterey County Gives campaign.
First and foremost, the campaign is off to an amazing start.  According to the fine folks in town, they’ve received, in total, over $50,000 in donations from incredible people such as yourself around the country.  Amazing!
In fact, you can see the Top 10 organizations thus far.  In fact again, you’ll quickly see that a certain non-profit art center is #4 on the list.  Thanks so much for your generosity!
So, here’s where we stand.
Even a little means a lot:  You can continue to donate to the Library – as little as $5 is perfectly wonderful – here, as well as to other amazing non-profits.
Get rewards!  For now (cue ominous music): Your donation to the Library gets you rewards, which you can cross-check here.  But rewards expire Dec. 31st!
Donations are matched!  And if you have any inclinations to donate to the Library or another non-profit, this is the time.  This is the moment.  And that’s because Monterey County Gives will partially match your donation.
If you’ve donated via Monterey County Gives or direction to the Library during our 2012 fundraising drive, stay tuned.  After Dec. 31st, we’ll compile the final mega-list of donors, and personally thank you on our blog plus an endearing thank you from a certain psychedelic Pied PiperAnd then in 2013 we’ll have our donor party!
Stay tuned and thanks again!!!

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