Monday Morning Pull-Up (MMPU): Ariel Pink, Nicki Bluhm, Two Gallants, Earth Day celebration, Breton, regrettble drink choices, etc.

Today’s Monday Morning Pull-Up (MMPU) is starting much later than normal.

André Breton

‘…My wife with the sex of a mining-placer and of a platypus / My wife with a sex of seaweed and ancient sweetmeat…”

Usually we kick things off at 9 in the “Breton” room (all meeting rooms at the HML corporate HQ are named after French surrealists) with pastries and watery coffee.

But yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and Fernwood had karaoke: do the math.

So we are pulling up to talk about what’s in the Library’s immediate future.  Some shows have been added (Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers on May 9; tickets here. Two Gallants on June 7th; tickets here), the buzz is already building around the Big Big Big Sur Fashion Show on May 30th.

Then, of course, there’s the fierce Coachella-related run of shows in April: tickets are still available for Bats for Lashes on April 19th; tickets here.

Also Ariel Pink on May 20th.  Tickets here.

Oh!  And an Earth Day celebration on April 21st.  That’ll be super fun, locally-infused day of music, food, and fun.  So do mark your calendars.

Ariel Pink - 5/20 Henry Miller Library - Big Sur, CA

Ariel Pink – 5/20 Henry Miller Library – Big Sur, CA

Check out all the upcoming events here!

Beyond that, things are slowly congealing, which may not be the best choice of words 12 hours after downing an Irish Car Bomb, but whatever.

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