It’s Magnus plotting something AMAZING in his lair – but what, exactly? Find out on Wednesday November 28th!!

If it’s one think you’ve all come to appreciate about the Library – and Magnus in particular – it’s our vaguely conspiratorial vibe.  We’re always plotting something.  Especially Magnus.  (It’s no coincidence he’s often mistaken for a German.)

Take this picture for example.  Clearly he’s up to something.  In fact, we KNOW he’s up to something.  Something really, really awesome, with an unmistakable trace of fluid and flawless Swedish engineering.

We can’t say what it is just yet.  But it’s really great.  It’s a new little project we’re working on, and we’ll be announcing it to the world at large on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th.


So mark your calendars, stay tuned, and keep Magnus away from the slide rule!

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