Reflections on Week 3 of the Big Sur Short Film Screening Series: on roller coasters of bloodlust, Dave Clark Five, Christian theological musings, Mike Tyson, and more!

If you don’t mind, I’d like to pass along my reflections from Week 3 of the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series.   Maybe it’ll be nice Friday-afternoon-in-the-cube-pre-TGIFridays reading.

And as always, we’d love your reflections too (blushing)

Now you’ll have to forgive me in advance.  I wasn’t “all there” for two of the movies – distracted with popcorn seasoning and fishing for butter in the freezer – but I’ll reflect to the best of my ability.  In addition, this week Magnus suggested we let the movies “wash over” us, which will inevitably affect my reflections (as I usually let the movies “spray” me.)

So anyway, first up:

Now I normally don’t like being manipulated – physically, mentally, emotionally, culinarily – but in this case…I liked it.  I mean, one minute you think the guy is a cold-blooded killer.  But then he’s not.  But then he is!  [By the way, Kevin Spacey called – he wants his German doppleganger (also a German word) back.  Heyooo!!!]

As such, I felt my thirst for justice fluctuate like said roller coaster of bloodlust.  When the guy was choked to death, it was richly satisfying (full disclosure: huge fan of Exodus 21.)

But then when it seemed like he was just an innocent actor, the pathos flowed.  But he was a great actor – he faked his death! – and, wouldn’t you know it, was also a killer!  So I wanted him “dead all over” (not to be confused with the Dave Clark Five hit.)

With so many loopy turns, it probably doesn’t surprise you to know that the film actually had a different ending with yet another unpredictable plot twist.  Indeed, according bootlegged versions on YouTube, the two men actually discover they’re cousins and form an Air Supply cover band.

Anyway, the movie was, as we say in the Motherland, un wilde Fahrt, die mich erbrechena.  It was all so intense, so fierce, so positively…German.

And the takeaway for “Interview??  If you’re having marital strife, don’t hatch a cockamayme (sp?) revenge scheme with a pasty dude from the classifieds who also looks like a serial killer.  Instead, why not turn the other cheek?  (Full disclosure: huge fans of Matthew 5:39.)

Next up…

Fly on Out
This film uses the caged pigeon as a metaphor for being trapped in the inner city.  [I also suspect the pigeon is also a triple-metaphor for Mike Tyson.]  But rather than paint the inner city as a nightmarish purgatory, it’s slightly offbeat flair made it endearing and cozy, with many colorful characters.  Nicely done.

It also employed some super-amazing camera that makes your traditional slow-motion look like a coked-up Nick Nolte breaking a hunger strike at the Bellagio buffet table.

But again, getting back to the tastefulness.  Director Rob Kolodny could have over-done it with the glacial technique.  Instead, he used it strategically, letting it serve as an elegant juxtaposition to the fast-paced (and funny) chase through the wilds of outer Brooklyn.

It was a night for the ages!

So, see you next week (info here.)  And until then, what was your favorite film of Week 3?


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