Hot off the presses! The new issue of “Nexus,” the International Henry Miller Journal!

Christmas has come early for Henry Miller fans – although I actually started hearing Christmas songs on the radio, like, two weeks ago – in the form of the newest installment of Nexus, the International Henry Miller Journal. a very-manageable 162 pages, this issue contains 12 individual contributions including essays by Mario Vargas Llosa writing about Tropic of Cancer; an analysis of Miller’s Quiet Days in Clichy by Eric D. Lehman; a revealing account of Lawrence and Nancy Durrell in Corfu by Joanna Hodgkin, and the use of Miller’s Tropic of Cancer in the college curriculum by J. C. L. Brown.

(That latter is of particularly interest to me; back as an English major at a major state school, Msr. Miller was nowhere to be found in any cirruculi (sp).  Then again, I did miss a few classes every now and then.)

Anyway, you can get the journal on our online store here!


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