“HML’s fallen redwood goes to Washington!” Check out the bizarre shout-out in the Washington Monthly!

The HML ‘Tree’ fell back in early December, it’s glacial whoosh continues to reverberate – throughout the corridors of power in Washington, DC!

That’s right – that buzzing sound you hear isn’t just the chainsaws – it’s the Beltway “chattering class” talking about the “tree” around cocktails in Georgetown in finely-starched blazers (when not plotting the next war.)

Friends of our emailed this link from the Washington Monthly, which reports on DC news.   Here’s the excerpt…read it all..

* At HuffPost, Jon Ward documents conservative regrets about Iraq War, but it’s mostly journalists and consultants, not electeds.

* As Congress drifts towards deal on continuing resolution, Catholic bishops demand that House Republicans include repeal of Obamacare contraception coverage mandate, which would of course blow everything up.

And in non-political news:

* Sale of wood from 500-year-old redwood tree felled by storm could save Big Sur’s Henry Miller Library. Talk about manna from heaven!

What the???  Once again, check out the whole thing here.  (And if you’re interested in purchasing  slab, call us at 831-667-2574.)

The only other thing we can say is that Sven’s diplomatic visit to the hall of power last year is starting to pay dividends!!!




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