Here are some tantalizing clues about Wednesday’s Big Announcement!

Uncanny, isn’t it?

That’s been some chatter* about our imminent BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, slated for Wed. Nov. 28th, and while being tight-lipped certainly adds an air of secrecy, mystique, and intrigue to the proceedings, we also don’t like being called “Nixonian.”**

So we’ll do a little Q&A to shed some light – not enough light, mind you; just a tantalizing sliver of creamy, buttery light – about what you can expect in a few days.

Q:  So what’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

A:  Great question!  The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is t— oh, wait…HEY!  No, wait till Wednesday to find out.   Nice try….

Q:  Is it a big rock concert?

A:  No.  Can’t have big rock concerts in the winter because of wind and rain.  Too much liability.  (Looks over and sees the bespectacled HML lawyer nodding solemnly.)

Q:  So no, like, secret Van Morrison or Annie Lennox show or whatever?

A:  Dude, c’mon…

Q:  Does the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT have to do with the creative arts?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Does it involve, say, Oscar-winner(s)?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Does it involve Magnus singing the “South Coast Ballad?”

A:  Yes.  In fact, when bequeathing the HML to the Big Sur Land Trust (the “Articles of Bequeathment), Emil White, in Section X, Article III (“Demands”), demanded that, and I quote, “The ‘South Coast Ballad’ must be sung as often as possible…particularly when Mike or Keely do something wrong.”

Q:  Does the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT involve the the new Twilight movie, good food, the Tea Party, Oprah Winfrey’s flailing cable network, ponchos, or quantum physics?

A:  No, yes, no, no, maybe, and maybe!


And that’s all you get.  Stay tuned for the big announcement on Wednesday!

* That’s a relative term

** Words hurt.  We’re looking at you Lorenc!

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