Extensive interview with Henry Miller, aged 70, in the Paris Review circa 1961!

We’ve been barraging you with blogs that are commercial in nature, so we’re gonna step back and give you something wholly without an ulterior financial motive.

Yup: it’s an interview with Henry Miller in the Paris Review circa 1961!  It’s conducted just as Miller is splitting Big Sur and heading south to set up shop in Pacific Palisades.

“At seventy Henry Miller looks rather like a Buddhist monk who has swallowed a canary. He immediately impresses one as a warm and humorous human being. Despite his bald head with its halo of white hair, there is nothing old about him. His figure, surprisingly slight, is that of a young man; all his gestures and movements are young.”

The interview is extensive and has goodies for everyone.  For example, for all the aspiring writers out there, here’s a nice excerpt:


Are there certain times of day, certain days when you work better than others?


I prefer the morning now, and just for two or three hours. In the beginning I used to work after midnight until dawn, but that was in the very beginning. Even after I got to Paris I found it was much better working in the morning. But then I used to work long hours. I’d work in the morning, take a nap after lunch, get up and write again, sometimes write until midnight. In the last ten or fifteen years, I’ve found that it isn’t necessary to work that much. It’s bad, in fact. You drain the reservoir.

Anyway, read the whole thing!

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