Easily comment on and share our powerful blog posts with these new cool “button” things!

By this point, it’s painfully and patently obvious to all y’all that the Henry Miller Library is on the cusp of the Internet revolution.  When it comes to new technologies, we’re there, using them.  We have an online store.  We have a Twitter.  We can send out “batch” e-mails, to like, 20,000 people at once.  Why, just today, Keely told me about the “Pirate’s Bay” or whatever where I could download Monkees Mp3s.  I could go on.

But our Internet savviness isn’t a new phenomenon.

For example, the “first Web site ever” in Big Sur was the Henry Miller 1.0 site, built by Magnus, sometime around 1996.  Just like you my first reaction was, “Wow!  They had electricity in Big Sur in ’96?”  Don’t believe me?  Well, click here.

[So there’s this amazing website, the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, where you can type in a domain name and “go back in time” and see how the site looked at a specified date.  That is how the Library’s home page looked on December 19, 1996!!]


Magnus, care to add some context to this?

See, now I’ll wait for Magnus to respond.

How is that possible, you ask?

It’s possible because upon this very blog that you read, we now have a robust commenting system and these sharing button thingies!

Look at the bottom of this blog.  You can “Leave a Reply.”  Go ahead, leave one – it’s free!

Or scroll back up….and look just below the title of the blog.  See?  Those are the buttons.  From left to right: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail (the envelope), the Print (think about the environment before printing an HML blog) and that orange “plus” button.

Hover over said button and share our blog with other networks like StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Pinterest, which, ironically enough, was invented by my old co-worker.  Why isn’t he returning my calls?

Bottom line: if a blog pulls at your heart strings, a lobe of your brain, or even a groin, you can now effortlessly coment on it and/or share it with the “click” of a button.

So modern!  So hip!   So technically savvy!

Yup, that’s us.

OK, well, that’s all for now.  I’m gonna go drink some Diet Pepsi and fiddle around in MS-DOS.



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