Cozy indoor show this Sunday (tomorrow) – Sam Babayan aka the Dirty Diamond! 7:30! By donation….

Was anybody out there at our Cairo Gang concert a few days ago?  Y’know, the “rare” “intimate” indoor show?

We were.

And it was great.  Candles were lit.  The room was warm.  People were cozily sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling and having fun.   Heck, it was just like church, except for the smiling and having fun part!

Well, in case you missed it, there is still hope for (pun intended) redemption.  This Sunday, mass shall re-commence, yet again, at the Library for yet another “rare” and “intimate” indoor show.

(At what point do these winter shows cease to be “rare”?  Discuss….)

This time it’s singer/songwriter Sam Babayan, aka, Dirty Diamond.  “Blending a sweet mix of classic American and British infused rock, folk, and Eastern/Armenian tinges, The Dirty Diamond takes on a colorful musical journey,” says the copy.  More info here.

The show is by donation and we’ll kick things off around 7:30 pm.

It’ll be very nice!


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