Henry Miller Memorial Library

Big Sur, California
Why are we so full of restraint? Why do we not give in all directions? Is it fear of losing ourselves? Until we do lose ourselves there is no hope of finding ourselves.

Henry “with small child,” circa 1950, on Partington Ridge in Big Sur

After an evening of much needed rain, the sun is warm and clean on this, Sunday May 30th here in Big Sur. It’s a morning not unlike the kind experienced by Henry, seen here in 1950 “with small child,” up on Partington Ridge. It was taken by Mary Randlett and is taken from the University of Washington’s digital collection.


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Introducing new Henry Miller Library “Where Nothing Happens” Totes!!!

Keely said the kids call them “totes” these days, so that’s what they are….

photo-2Brand new, hot-off-the-presses HML totes featuring the iconic “Where Nothing Happens” artwork of Santa Cruz’s resident conjurer of tall tales, Stacie Willoughby (aka Notes from Below!)

Made locally at Seaside’s Silkscreen Express, these 10-ounce, 100% cotton twill totes can fit 588 cubic inches-worth of stuff (for those of you who excelled in high school math.)


Support Silkscreen Express! Support the Library! Get hit on at Whole Foods!

Only $15.95!

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Upcoming April events at the Henry Miller Library!

April is upon us and with it events and the occasional 72 degree sunny day when I think of this song by the Mamas and Papas.

It also means we’re having some shows!  More are always being added, so be sure to bookmark our Events page, Like us on FB, and sign our email list!

Sat. April 12 – World Enough & Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down - A presentation by author Christian McEwen & a

It's Jessica!

It’s Jessica!

screening of the film: “To Spring from the Hand: The Life and Work of Paulus Berensohn.”  7 pm.  Free (donations appreciated)  Reserve your spot here.


Tues. April 15 – Pixies.  Sorry kids, sold out!

Wed. April 16 – a Tribute to Peggy Lee - Performed by Swedish singer Jessica Pilnaes and guitarist Johan Norberg. (they are a married couple and are traveling with their two sons, 5 and 8 years old).  7PM  By donation.  Reserve your spot here.  

And much more!  Click here to see the rest!

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Update: we WILL be selling tickets at the door to tonight’s show!

It will be outdoors and therefore COLD so bring multiple layers!!!!

Doors at 7 pm!

The Range of Light Wilderness (Big Sur)

Suzanne Vallie (Big Sur)

Fletcher Tucker (Big Sur)

Shay Roselip (Berkeley)


$5-10 sliding scale.

Music from 7-11pm.

Questions? Call us at 831-667-2574!

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Important notice re: tomorrow’s show at the Library

Hey! Tomorrow’s show – 5 local(ish) bands a the HML – is sold out. We are no longer selling tickets in advance.

HOWEVER — If the weather is nice and we can have the show outside, more tickets will be made available.

Please check our Facebook account – Facebook.com/henrymillerlibrary for updates beginning tomorrow afternoon

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Ellis Paul – performing this Sunday at the Henry Miller Library – profiled in this week’s Monterey County Weekly!

Check it! A splendid write-up of Sunday’s Ellis Paul performance in today’s Monterey County Weekly where Ellis talks about hanging with Pete Seeger!!

5269941613f56.preview-300“Like Seeger, Paul strives to write songs that are more than just songs. They’re open-ended questions, ideas and challenges.

“I want to be known as someone who helped deconstruct the world a bit to see a little clearer,” he says.

Take the title track off The Day After Everything Changed, a John Prine-Steve Earle conglomeration about Wabi Sabi – a comprehensive Japanese aesthetic centered on the acceptance of imperfection, dressed with images of decay: “Leaves they fall a clock is turning on the wall colors change.”

Click the link for the whole thing!

And click here for tickets ($20 in advance; $25 at door.)

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Hint: it wasn’t “The Da Vinci Code”

Lenny Bartulin is the author of the Jack Susko trilogy and a published poet. He was asked by the Sydney Morning Herald which books influenced him the most.

Guess which was #1?

LLopow2736(Hint: it wasn’t “The Da Vinci Code.”)

Tropic of Cancer – Henry Miller. Miller’s exuberant, unrelenting and fantastically uneven novel descended upon my suffocated suburban teenage years like a tsunami.

Bohemian Paris, sex, the artistic impulse and the romantic ideal, the man’s unyielding faith in literature as redemption: for a while after reading it, I remained trapped in my bland world, but really I was already long gone …”

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Ellis Paul, this Sunday at the Henry Miller Memorial Library!

Sunday at the Henry Miller Library – Ellis Paul!

Here’s what the @ Monterey County Weekly has to say:

5269941613f56.preview-300Coffee shops might be a good place to start life as a musician, and can even be a pretty good place to pick up material. For a while. Ellis Paul’s so gathered fan base, lifted him out of such limiting digs and furnished him with funds for an album.

With another one coming Paul’s left the Boston folk scene with a poetic brand of rock folk that now spans a 20 year career and enough humanistic anecdotes to liken him to a modern singing cousin to the old Dust Bowl Troubadour.

And though an artist is bound to be true to the tales of the time, some mediums get better with age.

Tickets here!

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