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Big Sur, California
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Check it out! It’s an audio promo for Sunday’s installment of Big Sur Sound and Story, curated by Radiotopia….

Check it out! It’s an audio promo for Sunday’s installment of Big Sur Sound and Story, curated by Radiotopia and its founder, Roman Mars, the man who “started a hushed radio revolution from his closet”!!!!

That’s right: sit back, close your eyes, and listen to incredible audio stories under the redwoods. Bring a layer (and a pillow!)

Doors at 8 pm. Free admission (donations accepted.) This Sunday, July 27th, at the Henry Miller Library, located at 48603 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA, just 1/4 mile south of Nepenthe restaurant.

Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

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In today’s installment of “Miller books we don’t talk about nearly enough,” it’s…

colossus rites frontMiller’s love letter to Greece, “The Colossus of Maroussi.”

The UK Telegraph recently gave it a shout-out, noting, “Miller’s enthusiastic portrait of Corfu, Crete, Athens and their unforgettable characters, has worn remarkably well since being written in 1940-41.”

We often talk about the Tropics, Oranges, and Black Spring, but not enough about the Colossus. So, who’s read it? What’d you think? Has it indeed “aged well?”

[Oh, and you can also buy it from us directly here.]

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Arthur Hoyle returns with a piece in the Huffington Post on Miller the watercolorist

“Henry Miller was one of those rare artists, like the English Romantic poet William Blake, to have achieved mastery in two media: language and paint.

4125826“Though better known for his novels and essay collections, especially the notorious Tropic of Cancer, Miller was also a skilled and devoted watercolorist who painted throughout his writing career and beyond it. Unlike writing, which Miller considered work, his job, he regarded painting as play, a form of relaxation, a way to refresh and recharge his imagination.

“But watercolor painting also served Miller in a number of practical ways. When short of funds, as he often was, he used his watercolors to barter for services, such as dentistry, and goods, such as household supplies and food. Sales of watercolors at his numerous shows supplemented his slender royalty income from his published books.

“He also gave watercolors to people who had done him favors or sent him unsolicited presents or cash. After his banned Paris books were finally published in the U.S. during the 1960s and ran immediately to the top of the bestseller lists, Miller, on the advice of his tax attorney, used his watercolors to shelter his income by donating them to museums…”

Click here to read the rest of Arthur Hoyle’s recent piece on Miller the watercolorist in the Huffington Post!

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Today (Wed) starts a FIVE-day stretch of fantastic summer fun at the HML!

Today (Wed) starts a FIVE-day stretch of fantastic summer fun at the HML! Check it:BSS&S07.20.14POSTER copy* Wed – Ping Pong Championship! Noon-6 pm.* ThursBig Sur International Short Film Screening Series! Starting at 8 pm.

* Fri – Live music with Desert Center and Mikey Selbicky, 7:30 pm

* Sat – Camp Anastroca! Music, dance, food, and more! 11 am – 11 pm.

* Sun – Jackie Bristow in concert – 3 pm

* Sun nightBig Sur Sound and Story with The Dinner Party Download!! 8 pm

All events except are free  (donations appreciated) except Camp Anastroca. Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

Reserve your spot to events by clicking here!

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Today! Two free events at the Library!!

Today! Two free events at the Library: 3-5 pm, it’s a book signing party with our friend Max DeVoe Talley, celebrating the release of his “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow.”

Then from 6-8 pm, it’s a “Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village” with Welsh poet Peter Thabit Jones, who will be reading some of Thomas’s work!

This means no Sound and Story tonight. But it’ll be back next Sunday with curators the Dinner Party Download, at 8 pm.


Dylan Thomas July 13 copy Max Talley copy

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Gentle reminder: there is NO Big Sur Sound and Story this Sunday. Instead we have TWO *free* events! Read on!

Gentle reminder: there is NO Big Sur Sound and Story this Sunday. Things will go back to their normal Sunday schedule on July 20th.

Instead, this Sunday we have two FREE events: Dylan Thomas July 13 copy

3-5 pm:Book signing with our good friend Max DeVoe Talley, celebrating the publication of his new book, “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow”

6-8 pm: Launch of “Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village” by Peter Thabit Jones and the late Aeronwy Thomas, daughter of Dylan Thomas. With performances of the poetry of Dylan Thomas.

Check out all upcoming Library events here.


Max Talley copy

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Meet some of our volunteers!

It’s a summery golden age — heavy July mist notwithstanding — here at the HML with an amazing cadre of VFLs – Volunteers for Life. Here are just a few of them: Abby, Taylor, and Lilly!

This country is in good hands!!!

PastedGraphic-3 copy

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