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Big Sur, California
Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.

TONIGHT. It’s the GALA FINALE of the 2014 Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series at the Henry Miller Library!!

TONIGHT. It’s the GALA FINALE of the 2014 Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series at the Henry Miller Library!!

The Series received over 1,000 short film submissions from over 80 countries this year, and now they’ll be showing the best FIVE (or so), as selected by their Jury (which includes Kirsten Dunst, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, etc!)

$10 suggested donation. Gate opens at 7 PM

Best Popcorn in the World(TM.) Please CARPOOL and park sensibly. Bring flashlights and dress warm!

The Henry Miller Library is located at 48603 Highway 1, Big Sur CA 93920, 25 miles south of Carmel and 1/4 mile south of Nepenthe Restaurant.

Questions? Call us! 831-667-2574.

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Henry Miller on Friendship

Henry-Miller-Chapbook“Shortly after his 80th birthday, Henry Miller wrote an essay on aging. More of a treatise on living life, it was published in 1972 in a chapbook titled On Turning Eighty. Only 200 copies of the book were ever made, with each signed and numbered by the author.

“In one section, Miller comments on the complicated relationship between aging and friendship.

‘What most people fear when they think of old age is the inability to make new friends. If one ever had the faculty of making friends one never loses it however old one grows.

‘Next to love friendship, in my opinion, is the most valuable thing life has to offer. I have never had any trouble making friends, in fact, it has sometimes been a hindrance, this facility for making friends….”

Read the whole thing here.

(Hat Tip: Farnam Street blog)

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Reason #25 to sign up for the Dec 5-7 Big Sur Writing Workshops for Children is….???

Reaworkshop11son #25 to sign up for the Dec 5-7 Big Sur Writing Workshops for picture books, early reader, middle grade & YA fiction: you may land a publishing deal with our co-sponsor the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc.!!!

In fact, we’ve brokered countless of publishing deals across the past 18 years – check them out here.

And click here for more workshop info and to sign up.

Questions? Call us at 831-667-2574!

Oh, and do tell your friends! There’s nothing in the world like it!

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Eight Writing Tips from Kurt Vonnegut!

It’s time for our monthly (or so) check in with Kurt Vonnegut, who, like Henry, has his own set of writing tips.

Here are a few:kurt-vonnegut-8

1. Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.

2. Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for.

3. Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water…

…read the rest here!

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Sunday August 31st at the Henry Miller Library: the 2014 Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series GALA FINALE!!!

Mark your calendars! Sunday August 31st at the Henry Miller Library: the 2014 Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series GALA FINALE!!!

We received over 1,000 films from over 100 countries this year. These are the BEST OF THE BEST as selected by our jury (which includes Kirsten Dunst, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, etc.) Note: doors at 7 pm.

BSISFSS-KODIAK-MAINBoth nights are free admission but a $10 donation is kindly suggested per person. Questions? Call us 831-667-2574.

(We’re 1/4 mile south of Nepenthe Restaurant)

Reserve your spot by following this link:

Share FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1530520330495426/?ref=5

Tell your friends! Tell yourselves!

I may wear my v-neck!!

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Ping-Pong announces the winner of its second annual poetry contest, Mark Lamoureux!

AuthorpicPing-Pong, the journal of art and literature published by the Henry Miller Memorial Library, is pleased to announce the winner of its second annual poetry contest, Mark Lamoureux.

His poem, “Summerhenge, Winterhenge,” was chosen by judge, David Shapiro from among many entries.  As winner, Mr. Lamoureux will receive a 500.00 cash prize and his poem will be featured in the upcoming issue of Ping-Pong set for release in October 2014.

Click here to read the poem.

Mark Lamoureux lives in New Haven, CT.  He is the author of three full-length collections of poetry: Spectre (Black Radish Books 2010), AstrometryOrgonon (BlazeVOX Books 2008), and 29 Cheeseburgers / 39 Years (Pressed Wafer, 2013).  HIs work has been published in print and online in Cannibal, Denver Quarterly, Jacket, Fourteen Hills and many others.

Our judge, David Shapiro grew up in Deal, New Jersey, in an artistic family. His grandfather was a cantor and composer, his father was a physician who had studied sculpture, and his mother was a musician. Trained as a classical violinist, he was considered a prodigy and appeared on the Voice of America program at age five.

As a teenager, he played with a number of orchestras. Shapiro also came to poetry early, publishing his first poem in Poetry magazine when he was just 16, and his first collection of poems, January (1965), when he was 18. Shapiro’s subsequent volumes of poetry include Poems from Deal (1969), A Man Holding an Acoustic Panel (1971), The Page-Turner (1972), Lateness (1977), To an Idea (1983), House (Blown Apart) (1988), After a Lost Original (1994), and New and Selected Poems (1965–2006). Shapiro has been identified with the New York School of poets—he wrote a study of John Ashbery’s poems, John Ashbery: An Introduction to the Poetry (1979), and was friends with Kenneth Koch.

In the Rocky Mountain Review, Carl Whithaus wrote, “To call David Shapiro a poet of the surreal, of collage, of the erotic, of endless transition, of formless form, of fin-de- siècle regret is to touch upon the variety of poetic techniques he has explored … he has refused to write poetry which organizes the real into a clean and neat poetic.” He recently completed a new collection. 


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Movies tonight under the redwoods in Big Sur!

Movies tonight!  Doors at 8!  Free admission ($10 donation appreciated and more or less suggested.)

We’re at 48603 Highway, Big Sur CA — that’s the Henry Miller Memorial Library. 1/4 mile south of Nepenthe, a mere 25 miles south of Carmel.  Questions?  Call us!  831-667-2574.

Here’s the program below!  See you soon!


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