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Announcing the winner of the 2014 HML Fundraising Private Dinner Raffle Prize!

You may recall — last year we noted that by donating to the Henry Miller Library, you’d be eligible for a raffle for a free dinner on Library grounds…

Well, we picked a name. Actually, someone else picked the name….It’s probably just better to click the link to find out the lucky winner!!



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April 18 & 19 at the Henry Miller Library: Exclusive screenings of “It’s a Wild Life” a feature film by Kennan and Karen Ward!

Join us Saturday, April 18 and Sunday April 19 2015 for an exclusive screening of
“It’s a Wild Life”
a feature film by Kennan and Karen Ward!

Press inquiries, contact Mike Scutari at

Click here for tickets for April 18th; click here for April 19th.

Yes – this is the film you may have heard of already – one we have been longing to show at the Library with our big screen, and great sound!

Kennan and Karen Ward stayed in Big Sur for many years, mainly at Big Creek, to do this portait and the result is stunning.

Please come and sit back under the redwoods for what will be a truly wild story. (In part told by Feynner Arias!)

In the  film we’ll see the remote wilderness where a family of endangered condors raise a chick high in a redwood tree, witness a one-eyed bobcat as she learns new hunting techniques in a struggle to survive…

Experience the beauty of this wild coast with a man who has made this rugged environment his home for thirty years.

Discover the unique and hidden secrets of this wild land we call Big Sur!

“You haven’t seen Big Sur until you have seen this movie.”
US Congressman, Sam Farr, Representing California’s Central Coast (CA-20)

$10-20 suggested donation. Very limited seating!
Please carpool.

You have to make reservation. Without a reservation you will not be granted access.

No need to print out tickets; it will be will call, so just bring your ID.

Bring your own snacks and drinks if you like. We have coffee, tea and our famous Pop Corn.

To learn more about this fantastic film, please visit the film’s Facebook page and


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Check out the HMML’s web site circa 1997, 2000, and 2003!

Fun fact: The Henry Miller Library was the first business in Big Sur to have a Web site. It went live in the mid-90s and thanks to the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” we can see how it looked back in the good old days of budget surpluses and grunge.

Here are three snapshots of taken on July 8, 1997 (!) at 1:37 pm, June 13, 2000 at 3:30 am, and February 2, 2003 at 12:53 am!

















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Henry Miller Library is looking for summer (April 15- Oct 15) volunteers!

It’s true! We’re looking for fun folks to become part of the HML “familia” this summer season, which is, more or less April 15-Oct. 15th. Intrigued? Do read on!

A couple of things:

* The typical volunteering stint is 2-3 weeks; 32 hours of work per week. The rest of the time is yours.

* Send your resume to; if possible include dates that work.

* Alas, we can’t respond to every email or applicant. As to what you can expect from your magical stint here, you get space for a tent, shared kitchen, parking, internet, and more.

* During the day you’ll help out in the store, selling books, setting up, cleaning etc; at night, you’ll help out during our movies, concerts, and other events.

OK thanks!

“Shiny happy volunteers laughing….”

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Henry the Elder Stateman falls for Japanese singer and pianist Hoki Tokuda….

In 1966, Henry Miller was calling The Pacific Palisades home. On Wednesday nights, he’d go into Beverly Hills to visit his doctor and friend, Lee Siegel. He never brought along any “intellectuals,” as he was “sick of hearing people discuss art and literature in [his] home;” it was a chance for him to have some fun.


On one of these nights, in Beverly Hills, Miller met a new love. Her name was Hoki Tokuda, and she was in the United States working at the—now extinct–Imperial Gardens. She was, by all accounts, an accomplished jazz singer and pianist. She was on a work visa.

She’d also been in two films, by then. Japanese films, they were titled Nippon Paradise(1964) and Chinkoro Amakko (1965).

She was twenty-seven years old.

Click here to read some of Henry’s letters to Hoki!

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Support the Library, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit arts center by signing up for our monthly digest!

Support the Library, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit arts center by signing up for our monthly digest!

The digest, which we’ll send to supporters who give over $2 a month in recurring donations or a one-time $25 donation, includes “early-bird specials” for select events, updates on our renovations and capital improvements, rare video and photos from the archives, special deals on store items, and more!

Here’s what you missed from this most recent edition!0d9ae4871041acf6576782bc_124x186

1. Update on the HML Becoming Legal: Twice!

2. Kerouac Lets Miller’s Dinner Get Gold

3. Remembering James Laughlin, Founder of New Directions, Poet, and Miller’s Trusted Publisher

4. Henry Miller helps to deliver Siddartha.

5. Man Ray photograph?

6. Big Sur Land Use Plan – forgotten?

7. What’s With the HML/Swedish Thing? Exclusive Photos From Little Dragon Show

8. Hippie Sven stars in “Are You Experienced?”

9. Emil White’s Copy of Tropic of Cancer.

Click here to sign up!

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The deadline to register for the March 6-8 Big Sur Writing Workshop for picture books, early reader, middle grade and & YA is MONDAY FEBRUARY 9th!

The deadline to register for the March 6-8 Big Sur Writing Workshop for picture books, early reader, middle grade and & YA is MONDAY FEBRUARY 9th!
The workshop, which is courtesy of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency and the Henry Miller Library, will be held at the world-famous Big Sur Lodge (left). Make friends, improve your manuscript, meet agents, and more!

Click here to register or simply call 831-667-2574 with a credit card handy!

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