Big Sur inspires Camper Van Beethoven to make a record! When they’re not fending off the malcontents!

When we say that the Henry Miller Memorial Library is supporter of the arts, well, that’s something we can all agree on.  I mean, duh.

But sometimes we say the Library is a catalyst of the arts…an encourager….an impetus-er…an (gets out thesaurus) inspire-er…an inciter…a catalyst, if you will.

Meaning people come to the Library and poof! a little endorphin or whatever-chemical piston starts firing on the right side of one’s brain and soon the songs, the poetry, the art, the film, the puppeteer-ing flows like a pastoral brook.  We can’t help it.  It’s a cool spot.

Camper Van BeethovenExhibit A:  In this interview with Spin, David Lowrey says the new Camper Van Beethover album percolated/marinated/braised/basted/sauteed/crock-potted/whathaveyou during and because of, yup, their time in Big Sur and the HMML:

How’d this one come together?
We were in Big Sur, which is this remote area along the central coast that is a haven for hippies, surfers, writers, malcontents [Ed: heyyyy c’mon] Henry Miller famously had a place there where he wrote, a little cottage, and they have shows in the front yard.  It’s an honor to play there and we were booked to do Key Lime Pie in its entirety.

But it got rained out and pushed back a week. So we were hanging around. Me and Greg [Lisher, CVB guitarist] had started working on a few songs the previous fall and we thought we’d finish those up. Then we kept going and came up with a whole album.

So they finished album cuz the show was pushed back and they had a week to kill.

We’ll take it! 



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