Announcing the Henry Miller Library Summer Archival Internship Program! Now accepting applications!

It’s that time of year again! It is with much excitement that we announce that we’re looking for summer Archival interns!

Projects in the past have been varied and have ranged from raw physical sorting of photographs and manuscripts to extensive database management, from coordinating with other archives with special collections dedicated to Henry Miller to creation of finding aids and other useful metadata.

Beyond the exciting professional experience gained by interns, it’s an opportunity to really sink your teeth into one of the most bustling cultural centers in the country – but you reading this blog surely already know that.

Steven brought a “flair for the Thai” to the Library

Don’t take my word for it, though.   Just listen to Steven Mackie, who worked in the Archives in the summer of 2011:

“Do you want a professional summer experience infused with art, music, poetry, the natural world, and inspired people in one of the most stunning places on the planet?

Are you ready to research, work on literary projects, organize cultural events, and interact with artisans of all types while living at the HMML? A summer at the library and in Big Sur will inspire, surprise, fulfill, and amaze.

My experience of working and researching at the HMML continues to give in the skills I acquired and the bonding relationships I made with people. It is one of the most culturally richest and professionally fulfilling experiences of my life.”

We here at the library miss Steven like a limb ripped from our collective body, but that’s a story for another time. For more information about the internship, please go here!!

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