An elegant Maslowian perspective on the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children to Young Adults – Register now; deadline is Wed. the 6th!

There are multiple angles from which to market the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children to Young Adults, March 1-3 in Seaside, CA. (Register HERE or call 831-667-2574; deadline is Wednesday Feb 20th!)

Today we’ll employ the most obvious one: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!   Yes, this is really happening.  So let’s start from the bottom of the diagram below.

Physiological: Indeed, the workshop will have food, water, and beds for you to sleep in.  You can also breathe the crisp clean March air.

Safety:  You will be secure.  The Embassy Suites is a fine hotel, and they have those little key card-thingies for your room, so your belongings will be safe.  (And if you lose the key card, they just reset it on the computer and give you a new one.)

Love/belonging – Oh yeah!  The workshop provides a wonderfully intimate gathering of like-minded folks: aspiring children’s writers, agents, editors, and published writers.

You’ll totally feel dialed in to your primitive caveman/woman self.  This is a critical need; after all, to paraphrase a wise Indianan sage, “Everybody needs somebody / You’re not the only one.”

Esteem – Duh, yeah.  Who doesn’t crave respect from others, particularly when it comes to your peers and those who share your passion (in this case, children writing?)

Self-actualization  – Not sure what this means, but going by the diagram, sure: creativity, problem solving (e.g. chicken or fish for the cocktail party?); the Workshop will certainly scratch all those itches.


FACT: Workshop alumni Shannon Messenger landed a six-figure deal at Simon and Schuster for “The Keeper of the Lost Cities” and is represented by Andrea Brown agent, Laura Rennert.

Of course, in reality, Maslow’s hierarchy is deluded psycho-analytical mumbo-jumbo.  It’s the original pyramid scheme that’d make Ponzi blush.  And why is that?


Specifically the lack of the word “money” on the pyramid.

Was dude living in a cave?  It’s all about money.  Humans are driven by the acquisition of it, and, let’s be real, the workshop is great for this because dozens upon dozens of previous participants secured publishing deals with attending agents from the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

I repeat: bring your manuscript to the workshop, sit down with the agents, and odds an agent will like it so much, they’ll sign you to a potentially lucrative publishing deal.  It happens with alarming frequency, and you can see the whole list here.

So do register here because the deadline is Feb. 6th and it will sell-out.

And as for Maslow, it’s like, dude, I’ve seen this movie before, and the original was better….maybe you’ve heard of it??….. it was called Hobbes’ “Leviathan!??!

I mean helloooooo!!!





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