“A Big Sur Odyssey” – a cinematic cure for your wintery, depressing Hippie Sven Withdrawal (HSW)

So it’s a beautiful winter’s morning here at the Library.  Sun’s out, fire’s roaring, Theo’s sitting in the bookshelf, and Bob Marley’s on the hi-fi.  But something is still missing.  Maybe because it’s Monday?  Nah, it’s something deeper.  There’s an emptiness that we can’t quite name.

Oh wait, we can: Hippie Sven Withdrawal (HSW.)  A close chemical cousin of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), HSW hits in the darkest depths of the winter months, where a fun-filled, Sven-infused summer is but a distant, unobtainable dream.

But fear not, we have a short-term cure: Hippie Sven in “A Big Sur Odyssey.

This one flew under the radar upon it’s release, but we think you’ll agree it’s yet another masterpiece filled with your favorite Big Sur characters.  Enjoy!

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