The Deadline to register for the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children and Yound Adults is FEBRUARY 6th!

Big Sur, March 2011. L-R: Jan Elfman, Mrs. Adams, Laura Rennert, Eric Adams — with Laura Rennert.

We all know the trope: writers procrastinate.  They wait till the last minute.  They thrive on deadline-induced adrenaline.

It’s a comforting trope.

But sometimes it pays to be punctual: the deadline to register for the March 1-3 Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children to Young Adults is February 6th.

Waiting to the 11th hour is bad news because the thing will sell out and people will be left holding their manuscripts wondering what went wrong (answer: you waited too long.)

The workshop rules.  Participants get constructive feedback on their manuscripts and some get publishing deals from Andrea Brown Literary Agency agents in attendance.  It happens quite a bit actually – see?
So register today – click here!

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