Come celebrate the Niners’ 6th championship with some crystalline chamber-bluegrass at the Library! 7 pm!

Top off your Super Bowl Sunday* with radiant chamber music with a kiss of bluegrass and melodic pop!  The Bee Eaters play the Library this Sunday.  Info here.

Doors at 7 pm.  Music around 7:45ish.  Super Bowl kick-off is 3:18 pm.  Do the math – it all works out perfectly!!

* We predict a 27-20 Niners victory.  The Raven’s secondary will respectably stifle Crabtree and the Niner’s passing game, but the Pistol offense will just be too much.  Kapernick will find too many holes in a balanced attack (85 yards rushing; 120 passing); Gore will rush for over 100 yards.  Flacco will be solid, but an untimely INT will cost him.  Too bad; he’s a Jersey guy!


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