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The shockingly impressive Big Sur Screenwriting Workshop Faculty: Teaching birds to foxtrot since 2013

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By now you’ve had a few days to process the fact that we’re holding the Big Sur Screenwriting Workshop April 12-14, 2013.  (You can register here.

Perhaps some of you are still processing.  Others, meanwhile, haven’t even begun to process.  You’re just not the processing kind.  That’s fine, but it’ll eventually catch up with you.

Nonetheless, do you realize how amazing our faculty is?

As we conducted our stealth competitive intelligence whilst putting the workshop together, we naturally looked at other workshops out there.  We snooped around.  We looked under the proverbial carpets.  We stuck our hands in the metaphorical couches.  And we discovered, indeed, there are many great screenwriting workshops out there. (We also discovered that people tend to flip over the wet cushion of the couch so the dry side is facing up.)

Emmy award-winning faculty member Tom Abrams

But now that the core faculty has been announced – with more to be added across the next few months – it’s like…pretty impressive.  Seriously.  Like, unprecedented, even!

We have Emmy-award winners (Tom Abrams.)  We have some of the industry’s most innovative producers (Michael Polish.)  We have Deborah Baron, the screenwriter behind “Major Dad” and “Cagney and Lacey.”  We have Michael Taylor, the chair of the film school at USC!

And we also have individuals who, quite simply, are amazing teachers.  We have direct evidence of this.  Take Eric Elfman, for example.  As I write this, he is instructing just up the road at the Children’s writing workshop.  He is a brilliant teacher.  Workshop participants rave about him – don’t believe me?  Why, check out this Elfman-centric testimonial here.  Money quote:

“The professional for my first and third sessions was Eric Elfman.  It would have been worth the cost of the trip and the workshop just for those two sessions alone.  Eric demonstrated an amazing ability to zero in on a problem.  But he went beyond just pointing out difficult areas, he also offered extremely helpful suggestions about how to address the specific problem and the underlying weakness in the future.”

Just as Denny Doherty (see below) could, as they say, “sing the birds down from the trees,” so too can Eric teach….the birds….to…….I dunno, like, foxtrot or something.

He’s that good.