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The Henry Miller Memorial Library announces the inaugural Big Sur Screenwriting Workshop, April 12-14, 2013!

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The Henry Miller Memorial Library is proud to announce the 2013 Big Sur Screenwriting Workshop, the most exciting and rewarding screenwriting workshop in the known universe!

The workshop, which will be held April 12-14 at the Lodge in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park will focus on works-in-progress.  The workshop offers participants:

*A world-class faculty that includes Tom Abrams,  the Academy Award-winning writer of “Rugrats;” Michael Polish, independent American filmmaker and screenwriter; Deborah Baron, (“Major Dad” and “Cagney and Lacy”), Michael Taylor, the Chair of Film and Television Production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and more.   Click here for the full faculty list.

* Hands-on instruction in intimate groups of 5-6 and in one-on-one sessions with aforementioned faculty.

* A presentation by Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”)

* Meals, lodging, a cocktail party, and invaluable networking opportunities with fellow screenwriters and industry professionals.

* The most beautiful and inspiring scenery in the world (that’d be Big Sur in the springtime).

 For more information and to register, please visit!


And visit us on Facebook here:

(PS – this is the Big Announcement we were talking about.  Hope you weren’t expecting Van Morrison…if so, sorry.  We warned you.)



Here are some tantalizing clues about Wednesday’s Big Announcement!

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Uncanny, isn’t it?

That’s been some chatter* about our imminent BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, slated for Wed. Nov. 28th, and while being tight-lipped certainly adds an air of secrecy, mystique, and intrigue to the proceedings, we also don’t like being called “Nixonian.”**

So we’ll do a little Q&A to shed some light – not enough light, mind you; just a tantalizing sliver of creamy, buttery light – about what you can expect in a few days.

Q:  So what’s the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

A:  Great question!  The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is t— oh, wait…HEY!  No, wait till Wednesday to find out.   Nice try….

Q:  Is it a big rock concert?

A:  No.  Can’t have big rock concerts in the winter because of wind and rain.  Too much liability.  (Looks over and sees the bespectacled HML lawyer nodding solemnly.)

Q:  So no, like, secret Van Morrison or Annie Lennox show or whatever?

A:  Dude, c’mon…

Q:  Does the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT have to do with the creative arts?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Does it involve, say, Oscar-winner(s)?

A:  Yes!

Q:  Does it involve Magnus singing the “South Coast Ballad?”

A:  Yes.  In fact, when bequeathing the HML to the Big Sur Land Trust (the “Articles of Bequeathment), Emil White, in Section X, Article III (“Demands”), demanded that, and I quote, “The ‘South Coast Ballad’ must be sung as often as possible…particularly when Mike or Keely do something wrong.”

Q:  Does the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT involve the the new Twilight movie, good food, the Tea Party, Oprah Winfrey’s flailing cable network, ponchos, or quantum physics?

A:  No, yes, no, no, maybe, and maybe!


And that’s all you get.  Stay tuned for the big announcement on Wednesday!

* That’s a relative term

** Words hurt.  We’re looking at you Lorenc!

Look! It’s Magnus in deep meditation, contemplating what could go wrong with next Wednesday’s big announcement

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As you may recall, we’re gonna be announcing something super-big and super-cool on Wed., November 28th.

But with super-big news comes the super-big risk of super-big failures.

Therefore, to make sure no stone is left unturned, here we find Magnus in splendid meditative contemplation, pondering the metaphysical and logistical implications of next week’s announcement.

If something is gonna go wrong, we hope Magnus will think of it beforehand – and watch it serenely float by one of his mind’s extraneous eyes without judgment (and then promptly fix it when he gets back in front of a computer.)

Focus on those breaths and worst-case scenarios, Magnus! And stay tuned everybody!

Cozy indoor show this Sunday (tomorrow) – Sam Babayan aka the Dirty Diamond! 7:30! By donation….

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Was anybody out there at our Cairo Gang concert a few days ago?  Y’know, the “rare” “intimate” indoor show?

We were.

And it was great.  Candles were lit.  The room was warm.  People were cozily sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, smiling and having fun.   Heck, it was just like church, except for the smiling and having fun part!

Well, in case you missed it, there is still hope for (pun intended) redemption.  This Sunday, mass shall re-commence, yet again, at the Library for yet another “rare” and “intimate” indoor show.

(At what point do these winter shows cease to be “rare”?  Discuss….)

This time it’s singer/songwriter Sam Babayan, aka, Dirty Diamond.  “Blending a sweet mix of classic American and British infused rock, folk, and Eastern/Armenian tinges, The Dirty Diamond takes on a colorful musical journey,” says the copy.  More info here.

The show is by donation and we’ll kick things off around 7:30 pm.

It’ll be very nice!


Monterey County Gives! and 2012 HML donor update! A “must-read” !

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Hey everybody.  Just checking in with an update on the Monterey County Gives campaign.
First and foremost, the campaign is off to an amazing start.  According to the fine folks in town, they’ve received, in total, over $50,000 in donations from incredible people such as yourself around the country.  Amazing!
In fact, you can see the Top 10 organizations thus far.  In fact again, you’ll quickly see that a certain non-profit art center is #4 on the list.  Thanks so much for your generosity!
So, here’s where we stand.
Even a little means a lot:  You can continue to donate to the Library – as little as $5 is perfectly wonderful – here, as well as to other amazing non-profits.
Get rewards!  For now (cue ominous music): Your donation to the Library gets you rewards, which you can cross-check here.  But rewards expire Dec. 31st!
Donations are matched!  And if you have any inclinations to donate to the Library or another non-profit, this is the time.  This is the moment.  And that’s because Monterey County Gives will partially match your donation.
If you’ve donated via Monterey County Gives or direction to the Library during our 2012 fundraising drive, stay tuned.  After Dec. 31st, we’ll compile the final mega-list of donors, and personally thank you on our blog plus an endearing thank you from a certain psychedelic Pied PiperAnd then in 2013 we’ll have our donor party!
Stay tuned and thanks again!!!

It’s Magnus plotting something AMAZING in his lair – but what, exactly? Find out on Wednesday November 28th!!

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If it’s one think you’ve all come to appreciate about the Library – and Magnus in particular – it’s our vaguely conspiratorial vibe.  We’re always plotting something.  Especially Magnus.  (It’s no coincidence he’s often mistaken for a German.)

Take this picture for example.  Clearly he’s up to something.  In fact, we KNOW he’s up to something.  Something really, really awesome, with an unmistakable trace of fluid and flawless Swedish engineering.

We can’t say what it is just yet.  But it’s really great.  It’s a new little project we’re working on, and we’ll be announcing it to the world at large on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28th.


So mark your calendars, stay tuned, and keep Magnus away from the slide rule!

Upcoming indoor shows at the Library: Cairo Gang this Friday; Dirty Diamond on Nov. 25th

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Yep, two fun, cozy indoor shows are in your future.

logoThe first in question is this Friday: Cairo Gang and the Joshua Abrams National Information Society.  The former is Will Oldham’s guitarist and the latter is Will’s bass player.

(To paraphrase a previous blog), we are especially fond of the former, because if you’ve seen or heard any of Will’s collaborations with the Cairo Gang, you’ll know its characterized by its air-tight harmonies, brilliant acoustic guitar work, and a general beguiling vibe.

Info here.

Sam BabayanThe second is the Dirty Diamond on Nov. 25th.   The Dirty Diamond was formed by singer/songwriter Sam Babayan in 2006 and instantly gained a devout audience, performing in Los Angeles venues including the House of Blues, Troubadour, and El Rey Theatre. A stir of activity and touring stimulated the release of their self-titled debut CD in 2008.  More info here!



Donate to the Library via Monterey County Gives! (Here’s what $25 gets you)

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Four days in and Monterey County Gives! is humming along like the purring engine of a 1995 Dodge 3500 passenger van! Donate to close to 90 incredible county non-profits — including the The Henry Miller Memorial Library – by clicking here.


Your donation will be MATCHED and donors to the Library will get cool rewards, which you can see here.  For example, a mere $25 donation gets you:

  • Free admission to end of year fundraiser celebration at the Library (date TBD)
  • Thank you on our blog
  • Video thank you from Hippie Sven
  • Free HMML “Where nothing happens” bumper sticker
Of course, any amount is great – even $5!  (That’s the MCG minimum)
Thanks for supporting the arts in Monterey County!

Hot off the presses! The new issue of “Nexus,” the International Henry Miller Journal!

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Christmas has come early for Henry Miller fans – although I actually started hearing Christmas songs on the radio, like, two weeks ago – in the form of the newest installment of Nexus, the International Henry Miller Journal. a very-manageable 162 pages, this issue contains 12 individual contributions including essays by Mario Vargas Llosa writing about Tropic of Cancer; an analysis of Miller’s Quiet Days in Clichy by Eric D. Lehman; a revealing account of Lawrence and Nancy Durrell in Corfu by Joanna Hodgkin, and the use of Miller’s Tropic of Cancer in the college curriculum by J. C. L. Brown.

(That latter is of particularly interest to me; back as an English major at a major state school, Msr. Miller was nowhere to be found in any cirruculi (sp).  Then again, I did miss a few classes every now and then.)

Anyway, you can get the journal on our online store here!


Today is the FINAL deadline for the Big Sur Writing Workshop for Children to YA – We’re not bluffing!

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Seriously.  No mind games over here.  No reverse psychology.  No Freudian mumbo-jumbo.  No playing possum.  No playing hard-to-get.

Just the cold, hard facts: after last week’s benevolent extension, today is the final day to register for the Nov. 30-Dec 2nd Big Sur Writing Workshop for children to young adults (aka the “best children’s writing workshop in the world.”)

Why it’s Melissa Manlove, faculty member and children’s book editor for Chronicle Books!

Register here.

Don’t believe us that its the best children’s writing workshop o’er the land?  Still?  <sighs>


Read the testimonials here.

And check out all the folks who secured publishing deals here, including these:

  • Chris Howard came to a December workshop and met his agent, Laura Rennert and his editor, Mallory Kass from Scholastic there and his debut novel was published Fall 2012 entitled “Rootless.” (Mallory Kass will be at March 2013 workshop.)

So now is the time.  The big proverbial iron gate of admission closes with an angry thud at the end of the day.  Riots are anticipated.

So act now – register here or call us 831-667-2574!